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Database Licence Management Services


What is managed IT services?

In order for your company to enforce compliance with database licenses, we optimize, customize and simplify your database licence agreements and support contracts. Our services’ main focuses are relationship enhancement, cost reduction, and risk mitigation.

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Database Licence Management Services include

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    Cost Reduction and ROI Analysis

    Reducing the costs and increasing the profits of companies and measuring your company’s net income are possible with our solutions.

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    License Purchase

    You can purchase your license for your business with the help of our consultation and solutions.

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    Research Tools

    You do not need to waste your time by grabbing forms and instructions from a single national licence database.

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    Workflow Automation

    Your licence renewals must be optimized to meet the demands of your existing locations, future locations and new lines of business.

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    Automated Provisioning

    You need to perform regular, automated controls and deploy the latest updates that your database requires.

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    Keeping the track of how applications are being used and who is using them is required and it will help you understand and discover the recurring patterns for your business.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Custom-tailored Solutions

    For your unique challenges and future goals and for you to achieve your personal/specific goals; every solution is specially made for you.

  • Money Saving

    By monitoring and tracking all purchases that are being made, you can ensure each licence is being used and accounted for.

  • Risk Management

    Database licence management plays a major role in corporate risk management and is a key component of software management.

  • Insights

    Knowing how each purchased licence is installed within your organization provides you with insights about old and new licences that are active or inactive.

  • Budget

    In order to avoid costly audits and in order to optimize software spend, businesses should implement a licence management program.

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