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Founded in 1950, Anadolu Group operates in 7 sectors across 19 countries with 80 companies and 95,000 employees. With assets of TRY 182.2 billion in 2022, they partner with global brands like Coca-Cola and Honda. Their sustainability strategy, “From Anadolu to the Future”, emphasizes Nature, Business, and People. Through entities like the Anadolu Foundation, they contribute to education, health, and arts. Their success stems from global partnerships and strong corporate governance.

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The Challenge

It is necessary to manage the entire IT infrastructure of Anadolu Group, which includes 8 companies. These 8 companies are Efes, Anadolu Holding, Antor, Çelik Motor, Adel Kalemcilik, Isuzu, ETAP and Anadolu Health Center. There are over 1000 servers in the company infrastructure and Windows, Linux and AIX operating systems are running on them. More than 300 databases (Sql/nosql/in-memory) are running on these servers. More than 200 middleware applications are running. Additionally, Open Shift, docker farm and other container systems are available. Servers run on both on-prem and cloud environments.

What did
Deka Techology do

As with Deka technology, one of the most difficult parts was the discovery phase. In this phase, the databases and applications running on the server were determined by connecting to the systems one by one. The inventory held by the holding, the inventory of the previous vendor and the inventory of Deka Technology were compared. Unreachable servers were checked. Admin-authorized users were created for servers outside the domain. Necessary users and maintenance tasks were created for the management of database servers.

In the 2nd phase, monitoring definitions were made for all servers. Manage Engine Application Monitor was used as a monitoring tool. Probe servers and a central server that manages these probes were established for each separate company. After the installation, the necessary alarms and their critical and warning values were set. Then, Manage Engine Endpoint Central and Asset Explorer were installed for server and inventory management. EC agents have been installed for each server.

The implementation of security fixes to all servers and databases continues. The upgrade of out-of-support servers has started and the virtualization of physical servers continues.

Management of all servers and applications in the Azure cloud environment started.

The Results

The technology that we use to support Anadolu Group

Manage Engine Application Monitor
Manage Engine EndPoint Central
Manage Engine Asset Explorer
All variants of Linux/Unix OS
All variants of Middleware

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