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Quick Tips

Query Tuning With EM SQL Monitoring

Today, customer said one of batch is blocked and doing nothing last 3 hours. First we look at the active session history of that session,SELECT sql_id, SELECT sql_id, COUNT (*) FROM gv$active_session_history ...

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Restore point and tablespace level flashback

Last week, we had an application level migration rehearsal on a billing test database. There would be huge changes in tables. Unfortunately, there was no rollback plan on the application side. So we decided to ...

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Duplicate target database for standby backup location

We are installing a standby database for DR side. One of our database is about 10TB and generating daily 500-700Gb archive logs. Taking tape backups, duplicating them, sending to another city and then finishing...

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Today, one of our test guys said that their process was hang up and waited for a log time. The process is was very simple: parse the file, do some calculation and insert the Oracle database. when we look up wit...