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about Bulutistan

Bulutistan, founded in 2015 in Istanbul, is a leading Turkish cloud technology company with global connections. They specialize in SAP Cloud solutions and serve numerous large organizations. The company has received investments and awards for its rapid growth and high-quality services. Bulutistan is known for its strong security standards and supports digital transformation in dynamic sectors through pay-as-you-use cloud services.


Virtual machines monitored daily


Backup jobs monitored daily


hours of work saved every month   


Different data sources for ETL has been used

The Challenge

One of Türkiye’s leading cloud providers, Bulutistan, was looking to establish a new data analytics platform to monitor their customers’ resource allocations, the status of VMs, backup jobs, incidents, customer requests, and changes. Firstly, we focused on setting up a new DataWarehouse and a comprehensive ETL architecture that consolidates all data needed for the project scope.

Clients’ required reports were being prepared manually, resulting in time and effort loss. Data used in these reports can mainly be obtained by calling respective applications’ APIs or directly from their databases. The complexity of the virtualization platform API structure and lack of structured data for other information made preparing reports a challenge.

Additionally, the requirement of using related information for invoicing makes generated data more critical. Therefore, providing top data accuracy was a significant challenge for the project.

What did
Deka Technology do

After a detailed analysis and design phase, delivery of the following high-level scope was raised:

  • Design and architecture of a DWH platform based on MS SQL Server
  • Data pipeline setup for ingestion of data generated by consuming APIs
  • Design and implementation of the ETL processes by using SSIS
  • Design and implementation of Power BI reports

The Results

The technology that we use to support Bulutistan

Power BI
MS SQL Server
SQL Server Integration Services

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